Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) since January 2012, the name for the 1917 American Dietetic Association (ADA, dt about American Society of Dietetics and Nutrition ) was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, organization of " Dietitians ", the English name for dietician ( Germany ) or Diaetologe ( Austria ) or nutritionist HF ( Switzerland ).


The A.N.D. (formerly ADA) has almost 67,000 members, of which about 75 percent of registered dietitians / dietician / nutritionist, registered 4 percent " nutritionally - technical" wizard ( dietary technicians ) for dietetics and nutrition counseling. The remaining portion of members include researchers, educators, students, consultants and catering manager. Claims to be the A.N.D. the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.

Founding History and Mission

It was founded by a group of women, led by Lenna F. Cooper and Lulu C. Graves, the first president of the ADA, with the intention to help the government to preserve food and improve public health during the First World War. The Company's headquarters is now in Chicago, Illinois.

When her mission she understands " the future of dietetics conduct " (English: "leading the future of dietetics ").


The dietetics associations, which include the A.N.D. (formerly ADA) belongs, are organized in the " International Confederation of Dietetic Associations" ( ICDA ) worldwide. Recording condition in this association, among other things, that the association represents at least 50 % dietician or nurse. Who is Diaetologe or dietician, says the International Definition " Definition of a Dieititan " ( EFAD, ICDA 2004). The partner organizations of A.N.D. (formerly ADA) are in German speaking countries: The " Association of Dieticians - German Federal Association " (VDD ), " Association of Dieticians of Austria" and the " Swiss Association of certified dietitian / inside HF / FH". At European level, there is a " European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians " ( EFAD ) in the 30 associations are organized at the time.