Acanthurus olivaceus

Orange spot surgeonfish ( Acanthurus olivaceus )

The orange spot surgeonfish ( Acanthurus olivaceus ) is a species of the family Acanthuridae ( Acanthuridae ) and belongs in this subfamily of the scalpel surgeonfish ( Acanthurinae ) to.


Always live in the eastern Indian Ocean and the Pacific, from Japan to the Marquesas and Micronesia to Hawaii to 45 meters depth over boulders and sandy soil and near rocky and coral reefs. In the western Indian Ocean, it is replaced by the closely related circular mandrel surgeonfish ( Acanturhus tennenti ).


The orange spot surgeonfish makes in the course of his life with an amazing color change. Juveniles to six inches are pure yellow, they do not have orange stain. With a length of twelve inches they are olive, the back half is a bit darker, the orange stain is pronounced. In the Pacific, adult animals are dark olive brown with a length of 25 centimeters. Orange Stain Doctor fish are up to 30 centimeters long.


The orange spot surgeonfish lives individually, in pairs or in large flocks, sometimes together with other surgeonfish.

Aquarium maintenance

The Orange Stain Doctor fish is not recommended as aquarium inhabitants. The fish has a distinctive swimming needs, requires a very large tank and pumps by restless swimming much unrest in the held in the aquarium fish society. With freshly imported animals, the mouth region is often verpilzt.