Accademia della Crusca

The Accademia della Crusca was founded in 1583 in Florence (Italy). It is considered the oldest language society. The object of the company is still "the study and preservation of the Italian language ". 1612 issued the company the Vocabulario della Crusca degli Accademici, the first dictionary of the Italian language, which was published until 1923 several times in a new enlarged edition. The plan for a revision as a historical dictionary, the Academy developed 1955-1985, is now being realized by an affiliate of the Academy Institute of the CNR as Opera del Vocabolario Italiano.

Initially, the company consisted of a group of scholars who ' referred to themselves jokingly as crusconi, bran flakes. Their goal was, according to the motto " separate the wheat from the chaff " (Mt 3:12 Lk 3,17 EU and EU) to preserve the Italian language and to promote.

As a symbol of the society a flour mill was chosen, where the purity of the flour was a metaphor for the purity of the language. Each member of the society had to give a nickname and a motto that has something to do with bran (Italian crusca ) and the Accademia had his coat of arms in the form of a bushel. First German member was the italophile Prince Ludwig of Anhalt- Köthen, at the inception of the Fruchtbringende society, many customs of the Crusca took over in 1617.