Acclaim Entertainment

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. was an American company headquartered in Glen Cove, New York, the video games are developed, published and marketed. It games have been developed for a variety of platforms, including Sony's PlayStation 2, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64, to a lesser extent also for the PC. The company was founded in 1987 in the state of Delaware and had sales branches in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and Japan.

In addition to software developed and published also Acclaim strategy guides. In addition, Acclaim Comics Valiant 1994 bought on. Later, the publisher was renamed Acclaim comics and even published until 2000 Valiant comics with heroes. The Video Games Turok and Shadow Man are based on Valiant characters.

Acclaim entertained several, separate development studios:

  • Acclaim Studios Austin (previously " Iguana Entertainment ", USA)
  • Acclaim Studios Cheltenham (England)
  • Acclaim Studios London (formerly " Probe Entertainment "; England)
  • Acclaim Studios Manchester (England)
  • Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City (formerly " Sculptured Software ", " Iguana West Software " and then " Iguana SLC ", USA)
  • Acclaim Studios Teesside (England)

Acclaim economic situation was in the new millennium for a long time is not good, the company had to lay off employees, close development studios and has been banned from trading on NASDAQ. Nevertheless, Acclaim Games presented yet to the largest games fair, the E ³ 2004. On 1 September 2004 Acclaim applied in the United States after the failure of talks with investors and lenders bankruptcy protection. This meant the sale of all remaining vested to repay debt and thus the final out; on 7 December, the company inventory was sold at auction.

The subsidiary Acclaim Germany planned the company maintain operation as a publisher of other games, even if the marketing of the prestige title Juiced was acquired by THQ. To compensate, Acclaim Germany has secured the distribution rights of Neocron 2 in October 2004. Then the insolvency proceedings over the assets of Acclaim Germany was opened in January 2005. Acclaim Germany's managing director Uwe Fürstenberg start of 2005 to the German branch of Midway.

Beginning of 2006, Howard Marks, formerly senior staff at Activision, the new company Acclaim Games, after he had bought the original Acclaim name rights in mid- 2005. Acclaim Games is focused on the distribution of Asian online games in North America and Europe; the trademark rights to many Acclaim titles were acquired by game companies such as Crave Entertainment and Throwback Entertainment. 27 August 2010 Acclaim closed again. Some titles have been adopted by other publishers. 9Dragons was acquired by Playdom and was re-opened in September of GamersFirst.

Known games that Acclaim published and / or developed

= Amiga Commodore Amiga; DC = Dreamcast; GB = Game Boy; GBA = Game Boy Advance; GBC = Game Boy Color; GG = Sega Game Gear; MD = Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis; MS = Sega Master System; N64 = Nintendo 64; NGC = Nintendo GameCube; PC = Personal Computer ( Windows); PSone Playstation = 1; PS2 = Playstation 2; Saturn = Sega Saturn; SNES = Super Nintendo; Xbox Xbox =;