Accles - Turrell Auto Cars was a British automobile manufacturer.

Company History

Accles Limited was a well known company. Charles McRobie Turrell joined the company in 1899 and designed automobiles. The separate companies Accles - Turrell Auto Cars Ltd was founded in Perry Bar in Birmingham for this branch of production. 1901 Turrell lived in Ashton -under- Lyne. He designed a more modern model. This model was developed in collaboration with Pollock Engineering Company 1901-1902 and was marketed as Turrell. One source indicates that Pollock took over the engineering design, while another source reports of a merger between Accles - Turrell and Pollock Engineering. Manufacturing at Accles - Turrell ended in 1902. The Autocar Construction Company from Manchester continued the production continued until 1903. She used the brand name Hermes.

Rolling stock

The first model was the 3 ½ HP. A single-cylinder engine was mounted under the seats and drove via a belt to the rear axle. The top speed was given as 32 ​​km / h. The open cockpit had room for two people.

The 10/15 HP was published in 1901. A two-cylinder engine was mounted under the front seats. The Tonneaukarosserie provided space for four people.


Accles - Turrell offered other automakers to the motor from the first model. Also had an engine with 1.75 hp on offer, which was suitable for tricycles and quadricycles. Purchasers of these engines was, inter alia, Regent of Birmingham.