Ace Combat

Ace Combat is a series of arcade -heavy video games of the Japanese software company Namco for Sony PlayStation from the category of military flight simulation and action game.

The first part was published in 1995 under the title Air Combat for the first PlayStation, and was so successful that several sequels, later also on the PlayStation 2, released.

The games are characterized by the fact that individual missions are woven together by a continuous story. However, this feature has been removed in some parts of the European versions.

Furthermore, in the European PAL versions for the PlayStation 2, some existing in the corresponding Japanese or American NTSC versions features were like the multilingual speech output removed ( only English instead of additional Japanese language edition).

In October 2007, the successor appeared to The Belkan War, which, under the title Ace Combat 6 - is available exclusively for the Xbox 360 Fires of Liberation.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

The PAL and U.S. NTSC versions of the game have been greatly cut. Included the game in the original Japanese version, two CDs and a rich story mode with multiple paths, the story from the other variants was completely removed and the game just pressed onto a CD. Among connoisseurs of the series, the Japanese version of the game is one of the best Ace Combat titles such. In addition to the game and in the manual it gave to even a small artbook.