Acfred, Duke of Aquitaine

Acfred († 927 ) was briefly Count of Auvergne and Duke of Aquitaine. He was a son of Count I. Acfred of Carcassonne and his wife Adeline, sister of Duke William I of Aquitaine.

While his brother, Duke William II of domination, was Acfred Count in Velay, Gévaudan, and probably also in the lay abbot of St. Julien in Brioude. During the fight his brother occupied with King Rudolf Acfred temporarily Nevers, but was marketed by Count Heribert II of Vermandois.

He succeeded his brother in 926 died as Duke of Aquitaine, but died the following year. About a marriage or descendants Acfreds nothing is known. The extensive property of his family, he bequeathed to Count Ebalus Mancer of Poitou.