Ach (Ammer)

The Oh in Maxlried


The axis is formed by the confluence of the Glotzbach and Mühlbach east of Bayersoien. After the union of the two source streams, the Ah turns north and flows through Kirmesau. It flows further to the southeast and flows for 16 km on a promontory in the Staffelsee.

The Ah leaves at Uffing Staffel lake and is called from here to distinguish also Uffinger Oh. It meanders north and flows near Oberhausen in the Ammer.


  • Glotzbach (left source Bach)
  • Mühlbach (right source Bach)
  • Faurermoosbach (left)
  • Bletzenbach (left)
  • Web chess trench ( left)
  • Säuggraben (right)
  • Mösch trench ( right)
  • Stitch trench ( right)
  • Kühbach (right)
  • Antlasgraben (left)
  • Zeilbach (right)
  • Tiefenbach (left)

Pictures of Ach (Ammer)