Acher at Oberachern

The Acher is a 53.5 km long, orographic right tributary of the Rhine in Baden-Württemberg Ortenaukreis and in the district of Rastatt, Germany. The Acher flows in a northwesterly direction from the Black Forest and the Rhine, between the south extending Rench and the northerly trending Oos.


The headwaters of the Acher is located on the articulated by glacial Karen northeast slope of the bird's head ( 1055.8 m above sea level. NN ). Known as Acher source source located at an altitude of 848 m above sea level. NN in the area of ​​Hearthstone hole, which is named after the adjacent east Hearthstone saddle between bird head and Seekopf ( 1054.2 m above sea level. NN ).

The Acher first flows with large slope to the north. At the confluence of the north, from the Mummelsee below the Hornisgrinde, coming down Seebach she turns its course to the west and flows through the trogtalartig widened valley area of Seebach. Here the valley between the Hornisgrinde and the bird's head reaches a depth of about 550 meters.

In this part of the Acher is also called Seebach, an indication that the earlier coming down from Mummelsee tributary was considered the Hauptquellast Acher, despite its slightly lower water levels.

Below the front Seebach Seebach combined with the coming of the North Grimmerswaldbach. Here verspringt the Acher Valley, about one kilometer south to about the mouth of the rugged Gottschlägtals with the Karlsruhe ridge and the falls at noblewoman grave above Ottenhoefen. From the leading- from the south underwater valley the Acher the community Kappelrodeck sought in a northwesterly direction, flowing through, the Upper Rhine valley to which they achieved in Achern, the largest city of northern Ortenau circle.

In the Rhine valley of the river is complicated by a variety of engineering measures, in particular by Acher Rench - correction 1936-1967. Still in the Black Forest foothills, above Oberachern, the Achern Mühlbach is cut off above the weir of the Acher, here an average discharge of about 5 m³ / s. The Acher itself - from Oberachern also called field Bach - crosses then the urban area of ​​Achern and then with part of their water management ( flood flows ) in Acher Rench led to flood channel and the Rhine. The original, in parts also channelized river runs as Acher ( Vienna) north to Greffern. Here he led to the construction of the Rhine side channel into the Rhine. The Acher is led from here parallel to the Rhine dike. Previously, she was crossed by a section of the Rhine valley from left channel, opens into the first, the water-rich stream running (as Sulzbach ), on the other hand the Achern Mühlbach flows back, and then empties itself from the right in the channeled Acher. Further north, finally flows of Sandbach, as the lower reaches of Bühlot, referred to in the now Altrheinzug lower reaches of the Acher. It opens below the Iffezheim into the Rhine, a good 10 kilometers below the ancient estuary. From Greffern the Acher is used as a connection of the partial areas of the polder Söllingen / Greffern. In order to ensure the flow of Acher even when flooding of the polder, 2005 went on Greffern a pumping station in operation.