Achille Peretti

Achille Peretti ( born June 13, 1911 in Ajaccio, Corse -du -Sud, † April 14, 1983 in Neuilly -sur -Seine, Hauts -de- Seine) was a French Gaullist politician, President of the National Assembly and mayor for 36 years was of Neuilly -sur -Seine, as well as constitutional judges.


Peretti studied post-school law and was after graduation worked as a lawyer in Ajaccio, capital of Corsica region. During the Second World War he joined the Resistance, took part in the side of General Charles de Gaulle and the Forces Françaises Libres in the liberation of France and later worked as a prefect.

In 1947 he was first mayor of Neuilly -sur -Seine and was holding office after several re- elections for 36 years until his death in 1983. His successor as mayor of Neuilly -sur -Seine was 1983-2002 Nicolas Sarkozy, who Peretti's political protégé was. The French aristocrat, Christine de Ganay, Sarkozy's stepmother, and Peretti were married.

Peretti was in 1958 elected a member of the National Assembly and represented in this until 1977, the department of Hauts -de- Seine. After he was Vice President of the National Assembly 1964-1969, he was followed on June 25, 1969 Jacques Chaban -Delmas as president. This office he held from then until 1 April 1973.

In 1977 he was appointed member of the Constitutional Council and belonged to the Constitutional Court of France also until his death.