Achyuta Pisharati

Achyuta Pisharati (* 1550 in Vaishali, Tirala, Kerala, † July 7, 1621 ) was an Indian Sanskrit scholar, astronomer, astrologer and mathematician, founded by Madhava of Kerala School.

He belonged to the Pisharati ( Pisarati ), which traditionally took care of temple affairs, and was a student of Jyesthadeva. From him a Sanskrit grammar ( Pravesaka ) and several astronomical texts are known, among other things, about eclipses. He wrote a commentary in Malayalam to a work ( Venvaroha ) of Madhava.

The King of Prakash Ravivarman (1595-1607), was his patron.

He is known primarily for the role he in the Sanskrit poem Naryayaniyam (or Narayaneeyam to 1586 completed ) of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri ( 1559-1645 ) plays ( his pupil ), a short form of the Bhagavata. The shown there to legend, was a student of Narayana Pisharati who took the paralysis of veneration for his master by prayers to himself. To rid yourself of them advised him to write yourself a poem the poet Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan.