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Acklins is an island and a district of the Bahamas. The Acklins and Crooked Islands lie about 239 miles southeast of Nassau.

It belongs to a group of islands lying in a shallow lagoon called the Bight of Acklins in the south east of the Bahamas, and their largest islands in the north and Acklins Crooked Iceland in the southeast are. The smaller are Long Cay (formerly Fortune Iceland ) in the northwest, and Castle in the south of Iceland in the group.

The islands were settled by Loyalists of the American Revolution in the late 1780s, who built here cotton plantations with more than 1,000 employed slaves. After the prohibition of slavery in the British Empire they were uneconomical, and the substitute, diving after sponges, is now also no longer economical. The residents are now living from fishing and small farms.

Capital of the island group is Colonel Hill on Crooked Iceland, the island's capital is Snug Corner.

The population was in the 2000 census on Acklins 428