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Acıpayam is the capital of the district of the Turkish province of Denizli. Acıpayam located about 60 km southeast of the provincial capital of Denizli. Acıpayam had at the last census 13,746 inhabitants ( as of December 2012). With the associated villages and small towns, the population is 56 330.


After the battle of Malazgirt in 1071, a tribe of Turkish Seljuks settled in the vicinity of the two mountains Eşeler Dagi and Elmadağ. First Acıpayam belonged to Burdur, 1871, the district of Denizli Province was slammed.


In the district lies the Dodurgalar Keloğlan Mağarası, a limestone cave with many stalactites, stalagmites and natural pillars. It is believed that the cave was formed by waterfalls over 10 million years ago. In addition, there bats live.


Acıpayam has a changeable climate, due to its geographical location. The plain is fertile.