Acquaviva Platani

Acquaviva Platani is a city in the province of Caltanissetta in the Italian region Sicily, with 1018 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).

Location and data

Acquaviva Platani is removed from the left bank of the river Platani 68 km west of Caltanissetta and 3 km. The inhabitants mainly work in agriculture. It produces almonds, olives, pistachios and grain.

The neighboring municipalities are Cammarata (AG), Castel Termini (AG), Mussomeli and Sutera.


At Arab time here was a small place. The present town was founded in 1635 by Francesco Spadafora. Due to the many source waters of the place Acquaviva was called.


The Church del Purgatorio was built in 1914 and is located near the town hall. The Church of the Madonna della Luca dates back to the 17th century. In addition to the Pfarkkirche is the clock tower, it was built in 1894.

Pictures of Acquaviva Platani