Acryloyl group

Acrylic ( rare: acrylic ) is a collective name of chemical substances produced by the acrylic group ( CH2 = CH- COR) distinguished ( such as acrylic acid or acrylic acid esters) or polymers of these substances. The term was coined from the Latin acer "sharp" or Greek ἄκρος Akros ' maximum; Lacy " derived because of the pungent odor of acrylic acid.

Polymers of acrylic acid esters, commonly referred to as polyacrylates, apply, inter alia, as binders for paints and coatings, injection molding compounds, adhesives, and as a material in the dental field.

Because of their physical properties ( fast drying and colorfast ) dispersions of acrylic polymers with dyes and water are used as acrylics.

Unsaturated acrylates are major components in radiation-curing inks, coatings and adhesives ( radiation hardening ). The chemical cross-linking, polymerization proceeds via the acrylic acid group. This kind of color is mainly used in the industrial sector.

Acrylic paints for DIY contain saturated polyacrylates, which are either dissolved in organic solvents or - environmentally friendly - present as a dispersion in water.

Use as a material in the construction

Acrylic is used inter alia in the form of acrylic grout, which is used for filling and sealing of expansion joints or stress cracks ( jointing ). Unlike acrylic silicone is odorless and can be painted later. In addition, a structure in several layers is possible. However, acrylic has a lower adhesion and elasticity than silicone and is only partially water-repellent, so that in wet areas with silicone jointing recommended.

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