Actimel (known in the U.S. and Canada as DanActive ) is a marketed as a probiotic yoghurt drink the French company Danone. It is available in Europe since 1994.

Marketing and distribution

Actimel usually sold in 100 ml bottles, usually in so-called " Value packs " containing 8, 6 or 4 of these vials. Currently, some 12 - or 16- piece packs sold. The manufacturer claims that Actimel strengthens the natural defenses of the body DN- 114001 (marketed as Lactobacillus casei defensis or Immunitass ) through the use of patented bacterial culture Lactobacillus casei. However, Actimel contains the traditional yoghurt cultures Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus.

In 2006, a turnover of more than 1.400.000.000 € was achieved in the retail sale of Actimel. The beverage is sold in more than 20 European countries and in South America and the Middle East. Actimel was ( flavors of strawberry, vanilla and blueberry ) sold as DanActive in the United States on a regional basis in 2004, until there was a nationwide launch with other flavors in 2007.

In Germany Actimel is a 70 percent market leader in probiotic yoghurt drinks and loud Danone growth driver for the overall turnover of 470 million euros. According to the market research firm Nielsen, the Group has invested from January to October 2008, 50 million euros alone for promotional activities in Germany.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Actimel nature includes the manufacturer's instructions:

  • Yogurt
  • Skim milk
  • Sugar or liquid sugar
  • Glucose
  • L. casei Imunitass

According to the manufacturer, the Actimel products have the following nutritional values ​​(values ​​are per cup for the "Classic " version of the products, the products with fruit or vanilla flavor usually have slightly different nutritional values ​​, such as an increased calorific value ):


Controversial are mainly advertising statements that suggest a scientifically proven health benefit. So was presented by Food Watch 2009 Golden puffs of Actimel. In a four-week voting procedures German consumers chose the product in the spring of 2009 on the " three test advertising Lie of the Year". Anne Markwardt of Food Watch said: " Actimel does not protect against colds - it strengthens the immune system just as good as a conventional natural yoghurt, but is four times as expensive and twice as sugary. " Danone other hand, contends that the allegations were not true: Actimel activate demonstrably defenses, " that was occupied in more than 30 scientific studies. " In Britain, commercials were banned for the product, since a positive impact on children's health are unproven.

Danone moved in 2010 to the European Agency for Food Safety ( EFSA) his requests for returns with which the alleged health benefits of Actimel and Activia should be confirmed. Similarly, the group renounced in France and the UK on to extol the supposedly digestive and immune-boosting effect of these products in commercials.

Also in 2010, Danone reached before the Commercial Court of Vienna for an injunction against the agricultural market Austria, with the AMA advertising claims such as "Every yogurt strengthens your defenses " were prohibited. Against this injunction appeal was lodged.

Also, in the second instance, the Vienna Higher Regional Court ruled against the AMA. This may therefore no longer claim that "Every yogurt strengthens your defenses ."

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