Acts of Union 1800

In the Act of Union of 1800, it was actually two bills by the Parliaments of the Kingdom of Great Britain ( Union with Ireland Act 1800, adopted on July 2, 1800) and the Kingdom of Ireland ( Act of Union (Ireland) 1800, adopted on 1 August., 1800) were adopted. The contents of the two laws was the state union of the two kingdoms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which came into force on 1 January 1801.

The contract provided that Ireland should send 100 Angeordenete in the total of 658 MPs scoring British Parliament at the Palace of Westminster. The MPs were significantly less than the proportion of Ireland corresponded to the total population of the new Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, who was then making up about one-third. Part of the contract was the Catholic Emancipation, although it was not included in the text of the Act, since major protests of the Irish Protestant opposition were feared. Because of the faith King George III. were, however, no further action taken in this regard, as it would hurt his stored at the coronation oath.

The flag of the new kingdom was the Union Jack, but supplemented by the St. Patrick 's Cross of Ireland.

St. Andrew's Cross (Scotland )

St. Patrick 's Cross (Ireland )

The Union Jack since 1801