Acura is a brand name used since 1986 by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda in North America and Hong Kong for luxury automobiles and especially sporty models. 2004, the brand was established in Mexico, 2006 in the People's Republic of China and 2008 in Russia. In the next few years, an introduction in the home country Japan is planned.


The model range consists of Honda models that are altered by badge - engineering and technical as well as visual enhancement of vehicle series that are developed specifically for the Acura brand and exclusively marketed under this label.

Like its Japanese competitors Toyota and Nissan ( with its offshoots luxury Lexus and Infiniti ), Honda tried in this way to participate in the high-yield market for luxury vehicles. The aim of this strategy is cost-effective to use the technical resources of the parent brand, at the same time to convey to the customer but the impression that it is a stand-alone brand that has no relation to the cheap models of the mother brand. For this reason, the sales areas are often separated spatially.

This strategy differs somewhat from that of European suppliers of high-priced vehicles. The manufacturer Volkswagen leads the luxury models Phaeton and Touareg in the range. The equal parts policy is still implemented as with the Japanese brands with the daughter of the Audi brand by recourse many models on the modular of the parent company.

Acura 2007: Acura MDX current

Acura RDX


Current model range

  • TSX (U.S., Canada )
  • TL ( USA, Canada, Mexico, China)
  • TL Type -S ( USA, Canada)
  • RL (USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, China)
  • RDX (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • MDX (USA, Canada, Mexico, China)
  • CSX (only in Canada)
  • CSX Type-S (only in Canada)
  • ZDX
  • ILX

Previous models

  • Integra
  • Vigor
  • Legend
  • CL
  • NSX
  • RSX
  • SLX
  • EL

Le Mans prototypes

  • ARX ​​-01
  • ARX ​​-02