Ad- Aware [ ˌ Æd ə'weə ( ɹ ) ], and ad -aware, is the brand name of a proprietary software from the Swedish company Lavasoft to detect and delete adware and spyware.

Ad-Aware, there were originally only as a freeware version ( Free Antivirus ), but published Lavasoft after some time also two commercial versions: Plus and Pro ( which were now renamed and Personal Security Pro Security ). The program runs under all Windows versions from Windows 2000. In the current version, a virus scanner is integrated. When installed, therefore, the existing anti-virus program should be optionally removed from the computer.

Ad-Aware is particularly distinguished by its update methods by which it should be very easy to protect your computer against new spyware. Every day is published, a reference file that contains the data on the latest adware and spyware, and the latest virus definitions, according to which to search.

The program examines addition to the currently running processes, the registry, the favorites and cookies in Internet Explorer and all files in a specified directory on spyware. While the freeware version only scans the system to manual call out the other versions can run as a background process, thus constantly monitor the system.