Ad Turres

Ad Turres or Turres referred to the following places in the ancient geography:

  • Ad Turres ( Bruttium ), town in Bruttium
  • Ad Turres ( Byzacena ), town in Byzacena
  • Ad Turres, town in Liburnia, today Crikvenica in Croatia
  • Ad Turres ( Etruria ), a town in Etruria
  • Ad Turres, town in Illyria, now Tasovčići in Čapljina in Bosnia - Herzegovina
  • Ad Turres ( Oretani ), City of Oretani in Hispania Tarraconensis
  • Ad Turres ( Conte Stani ), town of Conte Stani in Hispania Tarraconensis
  • Ad Turres ( Lazio ), town in Latium on the coast near present-day San Felice Circeo
  • Ad Turres Alba, a town in Latium
  • Turres, town in Moesia superior, today Pirot in Serbia

Turres referred following Titularbistümer the Roman Catholic Church:

  • Turres Ammeniae, in the province of Numidia
  • Turres Concordiae, in Numidia
  • Turres in Byzacena, province or Byzacena Africa proconsularis in the Sahel region of Tunisia
  • Turres in Numidia, in Numidia
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