Ad van Kempen

Ad van Kempen ( born July 12, 1944) is a Dutch actor and screenwriter.


Van Kempen graduated from the Theatre Academy Maastricht and joined after several theater groups. He directed plays, directing, formed at the theater, and also worked as a playwright.

He played in 1974 the role of " Evert van Huizen Voor " in the TV movie Met avenues het geweten as meester and took over the following year a role in the film De laatste trein. After that, he has guest starred in the TV series Willem van Oranje and De Appelgaard.

In 1988, he played in the movie Mijn idea: with suspicion and had guest roles between 1989 and 1993 in three different television series. In 1994 he was involved both as co-author of the screenplay, as well as an actor in film Theo van Gogh 06, who was awarded the Niederlänsichen Film Festival with the awards " Dutch Film Critics Award " and " Special Jury Prize".

Until 1997, he starred in two other television series and took over in 1997 verstekeling the role of Captain of the film De, was shown in Germany under the title Stowaway. The film was shown in October of the same year at the International Film Festival Mannheim - Heidelberg, where he was awarded in the categories " International Independent Award" and "Prize of the Ecumenical Jury". In 1998, he starred in the television series Het Souterrain the role of " Karel Veldman ".

The following year he starred in the film The Missing Link, which was awarded at the Dutch Film Festival with the Golden Calf in the category " Best Screenplay of a Feature Film ( Best Scenario ) ". The drama Jacky, in which he played the role of an agent in 2000, was nominated for the " Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema " Best Picture.

Also in 2000 he played in the film Gloria with and worked for an additional guest role in a television series, and in 2002 in the film Kwade reuk with. Followed in 2002 by the film Loenatik - De moevie, who received the " Audience Award" at the Dutch Film Festival. In 2004 he played with in the 12-minute short film Canada and took over until 2006 guest-starred in three other television series.

In the romantic comedy 'n beetje verliefd from director Martin Koolhoven, 2006, he played the role of " Thijs ". The film was screened at the European Film Market of the International Film Festival Berlin.

In the 2008 movie My twisted winter of the war, he took over the role of " steward ". The film is also known under the English title Winter in Wartime and in 2009 for the film awards Oscar, Best Foreign Language Film, and nominated the Satellite Award.

In 2009, he played in 10- minute short film Schattebout, which was shown at the Dutch Film Festival.



TV movies / series

  • 2009: XMIX (13 episodes )
  • 2008: Flikken Maastricht ( 1 episode )
  • 2006 to 2007: Van Speijk ( 26 episodes )
  • 2006: Spoorloos verdwenen (1 episode )
  • 2000-2004: Russians (8 episodes )
  • 2004: Het huis glazen (3 episodes )
  • 2000: Baantjer (1 episode )
  • 2000: De aanklacht (1 episode )
  • 1999: West Wind (3 episodes )
  • 1999: clasps (1 episode )
  • 1998: Het Souterrain (TV series)
  • 1996-1997: Unit 13 (2 episodes )
  • 1996: De eenzame oorlog van Koos Tak (1 episode )
  • 1993: steden 12, 13 ongelukken (1 episode )
  • 1992: Spijkerhoek (1 episode )
  • 1989: We zijn weer thuis (1 episode )
  • 1988: Mijn idea: Suspicion (TV movie)
  • 1986: De Appelgaard (1 episode )
  • 1984: Willem van Oranje (1 episode )
  • 1974: Met avenues het geweten as meester (TV movie)

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