Ada Air

Ada Air Albania was an Albanian airline based in Tirana. The airline was dissolved in January 2007 due to insolvency.


Ada Air Albania was founded in 1991 by two investors, the Frenchman Julien Roche and the Albanians Marsel Skendo, under the name Adalbanair. It is the oldest Albanian airline. On 5 February 1992, the first flight took place which led from Tirana to Bari. At this time, the airline was renamed in Ada Air Albania. The IATA took the airline on 25 May 1992. In January 2007, Ada Air Albania had no more financial resources to pay current bills such as the Tirana airport.


Between 1992 and 1997 a railway network was built to Greece. In recent years, only Bari Palese was from Tirana approached however, occasionally Athens and Pristina. Many a time flew Ada Air Albania Albanian illegal immigrants from the EU back to Albania.


The fleet consisted of an Embraer EMB- 110P2. However, Ada Air leased aircraft to very often, especially Yak- 40 and Yak-42 from Hemus Air