Ada Feinberg-Sireni

Ada Feinberg Sereni Hebrew עדה פיינברג - סירני ( born April 22, 1930 in Rome) is a former Israeli politician who was for the left-wing party alliance HaMa'arach 1969-1974 Member of the Knesset.


Ada Feinberg Sireni was born in 1930 in Rome. 1934 her family emigrated from Italy to Palestine Mandate from where Feinberg Sereni grew up in Tel Aviv and the Herzliya Hebrew High School visited.

She joined the Palmach organized by the Scout Association Tzofim (Hebrew התאחדות הצופים והצופות בישראל Hit'ahdut Hatzofim VeHaTzofot BeYisrael ) and one of the founders of the kibbutz Jir'on. She was a teacher at the local Anne Frank School and works in the kibbutz movement. From 1983 to 1985 Coordinator of the Youth Movement of the United Kibbutz Movement ( Hatakam ).

In the election for 7th Knesset on 28 October 1969, she ran for the HaMa'arach and was dated 17 November 1969 to January 21, 1974 deputies. In this capacity, she worked with, among others, the Committee on Education and Culture.


Your Uncle Enzo Sereni was a member of a group of parachutists of the British SOE which were springing, captured by the Germans and were murdered in the concentration camp Dachau 1944 on the German-occupied northern Italy.