Adachi, Tokyo

Adachi (Japanese足 立 区, -ku ) is one of 23 districts in the east of Japan Tokyo Prefecture. It lies to the north of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.


The municipality is located in the northern part of Tokyo and is divided into two regions: a narrow strip between the rivers Arakawa and Sumida, as well as a larger area north of the Arakawa.


In ritsuryō system Adachi was the southernmost Gun in the province of Musashi. 826 the temple Nishiarai Daishi was built. During the Muromachi and Sengoku period Adachi was under the control of the Chiba clan. The Great Senju Bridge ( Senju Ōhashi ) was built in 1594. During the Edo period, Adachi was under the direct control of the Tokugawa shogunate and was managed by the temple Kan'ei -ji in Ueno. Senju was a post station of Nikko Kaidō. After the Meiji Restoration, the county in South Adachi Adachi ( Minami- Adachi ) located in Tokyo and North Adachi ( Kita- Adachi ) was divided in Saitama Prefecture. 1932, the entire county Minami- Adachi was incorporated into the city of Tokyo and as a whole the district Adachi ( Adachi -ku ). On March 15, 1947, Adachi was a special district ( tokubetsu -ku ).


  • Urban motorway Tokyo
  • National Highway 4 ( Nikko Kaidō ), after Chūō or Aomori


  • JR Joban Line, Kita -Senju and Ayase to Ueno or Sendai
  • Tōbu Isesaki - line of Horikiri, Ushida, Kita- Senju, Kosuge, Gotanno, Umejima, Nishi- Arai or Takenotsuka after Taitō or Isesaki
  • Tōbu Daishi Line: Operates only in Adachi covering a distance of 1km between Nishi- Arai Daishi and -mae.
  • Keisei Main Line, Senju - Ōhashi or Keisei Sekiya after Taitō or Narita Airport
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Kita -Senju according to Meguro
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Kita -Senju of Ayase or to Shibuya
  • MIR Tsukuba Express, Kita -Senju, Aoi or Rokuchō to Akihabara or Tsukuba


  • LDP: 16
  • Kōmeitō: 14
  • JCP: 7
  • DPJ: 3
  • Minna: 2
  • Non-attached Members: 2

Mayor and 45 -member Parliament Adachi were both elected most recently in 2011, however. Uniform in the regional elections in April, but on May 15, As mayor Yayoi Kondō was re-elected for a second term. Kondō was before his first election in 2007 LDP MP for Adachi Prefecture in Parliament. Thither the district sends six MPs in the last election 2013, competed only seven candidates; the Ishin candidate dropped out, were elected each two members of the LDP and Kōmeitō, a communist and a Democrat.

For the lower house of the national parliament to Adachi extends to their constituencies Tokyo 12 and 13, the 12 constituency includes the daycare center and the West Adachi, currently represents the former Kōmeitō chairman Akihiro Ōta, 13 constituency in the east of the Liberal Democrat Ichirō Kamoshita.


  • Uonuma Japan ( since 1982)
  • Yamanouchi Japan ( since 1982)
  • Belmont Australia (Western Australia ) (since 1 October 1984)
  • Kanuma Japan (since 1992)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Eriko Asai ( born 1959 ), Japanese marathon runner
  • Jiro Atsumi ( born 1952 ), Japanese singer
  • Tochiazuma Daisuke (* 1976), sumo wrestler
  • Kota Hirano (born 1973 ), manga artists
  • Ichirō Kamoshita ( b. 1949 ), Minister of the Environment
  • Takeshi Kitano ( b. 1947 ), director, actor, poet, author, TV and radio presenter, painter, comedian
  • Hiroki Takahashi ( born 1974 ), voice actor
  • Yoshiko Tanaka (1956-2011), actress

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