Adalard the Seneschal

Adalhard ( † after 865) was seneschal of the Emperor Louis the Pious and the Empress Judith and on the side of one of the most powerful men in the Frankish Empire in Louis 's reign.


Adalhard was an uncle of Irmentrud ( 825-869 ), daughter of 834 against Lothar I Count fallen Odo of Orléans, Charles the Bald married on 13 December 842 and made ​​her the mother of his seven children. But it is unclear in which kinship is Adalhard to Odo.

Adalhard was one of three high-ranking envoy to their brother Lothar I sent 842 endowed by Charles the Bald and Louis the German with extraordinary powers to negotiate the division of the Frankish Empire and Lothar designated by them to the third part of the empire offer. The other two envoys were Count Conrad, brother of the Empress Judith, and Count Cobbo the Elder. After the division of the empire, he became one of the most influential nobles in the Middle Kingdom.

When the brothers Udo ( Count in Lahngau ), Waldo ( Abbot of Muensterschwarzach the Upper Rhine and St. Maximin in Trier ) and Berengar ( Count in Hesse ) in connection with that of King Louis the German -operated disempowerment of her uncle, the powerful Margrave Ernst, sentenced at the Diet in April 861 in Regensburg for infidelity and their offices and fiefs were deprived, they first sought refuge in their relatives ( propinquus ) Adalhard in the middle kingdom of Lothar II when Louis the German and Lothar II soon after reconciled with each other, they fled with Adalhard the western empire to Charles the Bald, whose wife was a niece Irmentrud Adalhards and possibly a sister of her father Gebhard. Karl they compensated for their losses, and Adalhard was entrusted with the education of Charlemagne's son Louis. He also became lay abbot in several monasteries, including Saint -Martin de Tours and Echternach.

865 Adalhard fell out of favor with Charles the Bald, as he had not prevented 20 -day looting of St. Denis in the carried out by him defending his territory against the Normans. Because of this alleged failure deprived him Karl and also accused Udo Count Berengar and all offices and dignities, he had them transferred before. Even then was the betrothal of Adalhards daughter with Louis the Younger, the second son of Louis the German, resolved on the pressure again.


With its unnamed woman he had at least three children:

  • Étienne
  • A daughter of unknown name that was 865 with Louis the Younger, son of Louis the German engaged,
  • Adalhard II († 890 ), Count of Metz