Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg ( born October 25, 1970 in Santa Monica ) is an American actor who is most stereotypical Jewish people.


Adam Goldberg is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. His first major role was Goldberg in 1992 on the side of Billy Crystal in The Last comedian - Mr. Saturday Night. After roles followed in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan and Ron Howard EDtv. Followed in 2001 by A Beautiful Mind - Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. After Goldberg in 1998, made ​​his directorial debut with Scotch and Milk, he turned the 2003 critically acclaimed film I Love Your Work with Giovanni Ribisi, Franka Potente and Christina Ricci. He also starred in several episodes of the U.S. series Friends (his German voice in the series is the actor Frédéric Vonhof ), My Name Is Earl and Joey with. More recently, he mainly occurs as a guest actor in various television series.