Adam Korol

Adam Korol ( born August 20, 1974 in Gdańsk ) is a Polish rower who won the 2008 Olympic gold medal in the quadruple sculls.

Korol took first time in 1996 at the Olympics in part, when he finished 13th in Atlanta in the double sculls at the Games. In the following years he sat with Marek Kolbowicz in the double sculls, who in 1996 rowed in the quadruple sculls. After the fifth place at the 1997 World Championships in 1998, the two won bronze in Cologne behind the boats from Germany and Norway. At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the two occupied the sixth place.

From 2001 Korol and Kolbowicz sat in the quadruple sculls, the sixth ranked in the cast Adam Bronikowski, Kolbowicz, Sławomir Kruszkowski and Korol at the 2001 World Championships. This was followed by silver in 2002 and bronze in Seville in 2003 in Milan, at the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens missed the four with seven hundredths of a second behind the Ukrainian boat the bronze medal.

In 2005 the boat was reshuffled again: For Bronikowski and Kruszkowski Konrad Wasielewski and Michał Jeliński moved into the boat. After a third and a second place in the World Cup, the boat won the title at the World Championships in Gifu. 2006 won the boat at the World Cup in Munich and Poznan and defended at the World Rowing Championships in 2006 in Eton successfully the title. 2007 succeeded by the four World Cup victories in Linz and Amsterdam at the World Rowing Championships 2007 in Munich, the third title in a row. In 2008, the Polish quad was always forefront, at the World Cup was followed by victory in Munich, the second place in Lucerne and a third place in Poznan. At the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Polish foursome could ultimately well ahead of the other boats and won with more than two seconds ahead of the boats from Italy and France.

After the victory at the World Rowing Championships in 2009 and at the 2010 European Championships rowing Korol took a break, but returned in 2012 back in the quadruple sculls.