Adam of Bremen

Adam of Bremen, Latin Adamus Bremensis (* probably before 1050, † 1081/1085 ), was a Bremer cleric and theologian.

Adam came from the East Franks, possibly from near Würzburg. Before he went to Bremen, Adam was able to obtain his education in Bamberg. Under the Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen, he was at 1066 Bremen's canon. 1069, returned from a trip to King Sven Estridsson from Denmark, he became magister scholarum ( Domscholast ), ie head of the monastery school. He died probably in 1081, at the latest 1085th

To 1075, he composed another extensive and careful use of earlier chronicles and documents, as well as using the brought from Denmark reports his most famous historical work, the Gesta Pontificum Hammaburgensis ecclesiae. Adams Church history provides artisinal skills he customary the history of Hamburg and Bremen, the history of the North Mission and the Nordic countries. Adams work is divided into four books. Of the four books describe the history of the two archbishoprics of Bremen and Hamburg to 1043. Department I book deals with the Carolingian early days of the Nordic mission. The second book describes the Gentile mission 937-1043. The III. Book contains the time Archbishop Adalbert. The Book IV includes International and Regional Studies North Central Europe.

Adam begins with Denmark ( 1-9). This is followed by the description of the Baltic Sea, its residents and the island populations. Then he turns to Norway and Sweden ( 21-34 ), and finally goes to the islands in the ocean over ( 35-42 ). The Book IV, Descriptio insularum aquiloius the peoples and geography includes customer about Sambia ( Sembi vel Pruzzi ), which was partially reused by Helmold of Bosau. The work ends with the praises of God and the Church of Hamburg -Bremen ( 43-44 ).

His reports are generally regarded as reliable representations and Adam is one of the best historians of the Middle Ages. His Hamburger church history is Archbishop Liemar, the successor Adalbert dedicated to make him familiar with how much his predecessor had been committed to the interests of their church or what mistakes they had made. In 1076 he presented his work Liemar and added it to about 1080 to supplements.


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