Adam Tanner (mathematician)

Adam Tanner ( Latinized Adamus Tannerus; * April 14, 1572 in Innsbruck, † May 25 1632 in toads in Salzburg ) was a Jesuit theologian of the Counter-Reformation, a professor of theology and witchcraft theorists.


Adam Tanner was the son of Christopher Tanner and Margaret Tanner, born Kastl ( Castl ). He attended high school in Innsbruck and then studied at the University of Dillingen and Landsberg. On October 6, 1590, he joined the Jesuits. Tanner studied philosophy and theology. In Ingolstadt, he was a theological student Gregory of Valencia ( 1549-1603 ). He also dealt with the sunspots and comets, which he was against the Copernican system. A work Tanners directed against astrology.

Adam Tanner worked for 34 years as a professor of theology in Munich, in 1603 in Ingolstadt, Dillingen, Prague and Vienna in 1618 by invitation of Emperor Matthias. With Jacob Gretser 1601 he took part in the Regensburg Colloquy, on which he had special share. 1627, he was appointed at the suggestion of Emperor Ferdinand II to the Chancellor at Charles University in Prague. As his main works are the " Universa Theologica scholastica " (1626-1627) and the " Dioptra fidei " ( a guide in matters of faith ).

In several publications Tanner turned against the persecution of witches. Although he affirmed the existence of witches, but kept their punishment on grounds of non-unique provability impossible. He demanded that until evidence to the contrary, they claimed that the innocence of the accused. Confessions under torture should not be grounds for a verdict. His demands brought Tanner a manifold hostility. So angry he threatened inquisitors themselves to the torture.

He died in the village of toads near Salzburg. The grave is untraceable since a reconstruction of the church. According to legend, the villagers had initially denied a Christian burial, because in his estate a microscope with a small hairy insect found that they considered to be a " glass devil." He had received from Christoph Scheiner The microscope.

On the moon, the Tannerus crater was named after him.


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