Adam Tooze

J. Adam Tooze (born 1967 ) is a British economic historian.

Tooze studied at King's College (Cambridge) Economics and at the FU Berlin. It was in 1996 at the London School of Economics and Political Science for Ph.D. doctorate. In his dissertation, which was awarded several scientific awards, he dealt with the connection between the emergence of modern, national statistics and the crisis of the German State stretching from 1900 and 1945. Tooze taught since 1996 Economic History at Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Since 2009 he is Professor of Modern German History at Yale University.

He belongs to the Independent Commission of Historians, which was set up by the Federal Ministry of Finance on 14 July 2009, to elucidate the involvement of the Nazi Reich Treasury. To a wider German public Tooze became acquainted with his criticism of the book Hitler's Beneficiaries by Götz Aly.

In an essay from 2013: This time it's really different. America's " Great Recession " in the mirror of history compares Tooze the European financial crisis with U.S. conditions:


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