Adamski [ ədæmski ] or Adam Sky [ ædəm skaɪ ] ( born December 4, 1967 in Lymington, Hampshire, England; actually Adam Tinley ) is a British dance musician and producer. According to his own biography Tinley deduced his stage name from UFO researcher George Adamski.


His most successful period had Adamski in the early 1990s at the height of the acid house movement. In January 1990, his first single NRG, which reached number 12 in the UK charts at first appeared. The follow-up single killer, which was created in collaboration with Seal and its international breakthrough rang, rose in April 1990 at # 1 and stayed there for four weeks. The song was successful internationally and was successfully gecovert three years later by George Michael.

1990 also appeared Adamski Adamski 's Musical debut album Doctor Pharmacy.

On his follow-up album Naughty Adamski developed his style in the direction of pop and rock. In addition to numerous club hits is also the track Get Your Body! be found on the album, the Nina Hagen lent her voice. Commercially, however, this album was not a success.

Adamski switched to ZTT Records record label and there published the end of 1998 his third album Adamski 's Thing, which further led to the style of the previous album. Two singles Intravenous Venus and One of the People were released from the album.

In 2000, Tinley produced his last single under the pseudonym Adamski. The song In the City reached the Italian charts, elsewhere he remained but without much success. Shortly thereafter, Tinley adopted a new stage name and has since been producing as Adam Sky.

In 2011 he published Adamski as a modernized version of his hit killer named Killer 2011 including two new remixes.