An adapter (Latin " aptus, -a to " = fit, suitable ) is a component which provides the connection of various mechanical or electrical devices.

Adapter can be:

  • Electro-mechanical adapter to bridge between components that are not compatible (not matching connectors, pinouts and electrical connection values ​​). Examples are: Adapters without active components: travel plug, audio and video adapter cable, adapter tubes, test adapter with needles (printed circuit boards, integrated circuits )
  • Adapter with other components: travel plug with transformer, serial converter TTY/RS232, antenna adapters ( baluns ), video signal adapter, such as VGA / composite video, in a broader sense NIC (Data Processing)
  • Mechanical adapter, for example, Tripod Thread Adapter
  • Reducing and sleeves
  • Adapter for lenses and eyepieces
  • Adapter for hose connections of different nominal size or plug systems

Pictures of Adapter