ADAPTIVE Communication Environment

The Adaptive Communication Framework is an open source C framework that is platform independent provides some design patterns for concurrent network applications.


ACE was initially developed by Douglas C. Schmidt, as he graduated from the University of California, Irvine. He pursued the project at Washington University in St. Louis on where it was first released as open - source software project. Today it is being further developed at Vanderbilt University, taught at the Douglas Schmidt.

OS Adaptor Layer

The OS Adaptor Layer is the ACE software layer that directly serves the operating system C API. It shields the operating system platform independent from a POSIX -like interface. At this interface include programming interfaces for:

  • Concurrency and synchronization
  • Interprocess communications shared memory
  • Synchronous and asynchronous event handlers
  • File system access

Design Patterns

ACE implements the design pattern:

  • Reactor
  • Acceptor - Connector
  • Proactor
  • Asynchronous Completion Token


  • Thread -Specific Storage
  • Monitor Object
  • Active Object
  • Half-Synch/Half-Asynch
  • Leader / Follower

Service Access and Configuration Patterns

  • Component Configurator
  • Interceptor
  • Extension Interface
  • Wrapper Facade