Adar (Hebrew אדר ) is the sixth month after the " bourgeois " Jewish calendar and the last month of the " religious " calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar of Adar begins in mid-February.

The Adar usually has 29 days. In leap years a leap month is inserted in front of Adar, the aleph the name Adar Adar or rishon (first Adar ) which the "normal" is Adar Adar Adar Sheni or bet ( second Adar ). The Adar Aleph lasts thirty days. However, all events take place in Adar bet.

In the month of Adar falls Purim ( Adar 14 and 15, respectively ) and the Esther fasting before ( 13th of Adar or Adar 11, when the 13th is a Sabbath ). In leap years then aleph is Purim celebrated Qatan (small Purim ) in Adar. Unlike in rabbinic Judaism, the Karaites celebrate Purim in the first Adar.