Addax Team

Barwa Addax is a Spanish motor racing team, which is part of the Spaniard Alejandro Agag. The team emerged from Campos Grand Prix. From 2009 to 2013 Addax went in the GP2 series at the start.

  • 2.1 results in the GP3 Series
  • 2.2 results in the GP2 Asia Series
  • 2.3 Results in the GP2 Series


GP3 Series


2010 GP3 Series was established to serve as a subclass of the GP2 Series. Barwa Addax started in the GP3 series under the name Addax Team. Felipe Guimarães, Pablo Sánchez López and Mirko Bortolotti went for Addax at the start. With eight finishes in the points the team had little success and finished at the end of the season eighth in de Appreciation.


2011 saw the launch Addax with three new drivers. Dominic Storey, Gabby Chaves and Dean Smith began the season. Chaves was the only one who went completely the season. Storey was after two race weekends, replaced by Tom Dillmann and Smith gave his cockpit on the last weekend of races Vittorio Ghirelli. Smith was the most successful rider of the team and was in the drivers' standings on overall twelve. In the team standings Barwa ADDAC once again took eighth place.

Following this season Addax ended his involvement in the GP3 Series.

GP2 Series

After Campos Grand Prix had won in the 2008 GP2 Series season, the team title, Adrián Campos withdrew from the team. Then the team of Campos former partner Agag was taken over and renamed Barwa Addax. The name of the team is made up of the name of the main sponsor, Barwa International and " Addax ", an antelope species, whose characteristics are high speed and resistance, together.


For the 2009 season was Romain Grosjean, also a test driver for Renault F1, and Vitaly Petrov, who was already active in the predecessor team Campos, obliged. With three victories in the first three principal race both riders started the season well and both Grosjean, Petrov and stood at the head of the drivers' standings. After six race weekends left Grosjean, who was at that time on the second overall behind Nico Hulkenberg, the team and switched to Renault F1 in Formula 1 From now on, Petrov was the role of the team leader and Hulkenberg rivals given. The second pilot and Grosjean spare Davide Valsecchi has been committed. While Petrov with another win could get his title chances are at least the penultimate race weekend, succeeded only once Valsecchi points retract. At the end of Petrov was behind Hulkenberg runner and Barwa Addax was directed by ART Grand Prix in second place.


In the 2009/2010 GP2 Asia Series season Barwa Addax team that also went to the successor team of Campos Grand Prix. As a driver, the team first undertook the debutant Max Chilton and Luiz Razia, who had previously gone in the GP2 Series for the Scuderia Coloni at the start. Both drivers were any points in the first race weekend. For the second race weekend of the driver pairing has been completely changed so that drivers could learn the track in Abu Dhabi for the GP2 season. For Chilton Dutchman Giedo van der Garde and came for Razia came Sergio Pérez. For van der Garde, it remained the only race weekend, his cockpit Chilton got back. Perez drove zusätztlich the third race weekend and drove the only two points standings in this season. In the fourth and final race weekend Rodolfo González drove next to Chilton. The team finished the season in tenth place overall.

By the end of 2009, there Barwa Addax announced that it will go into the 2010 season with the Dutchman Giedo van der Garde and the Mexican Sergio Pérez at the start. Both drivers drove the entire season. Pérez reach five wins and was second in the driver standings. Van der Garde was not victorious, but came four times on the podium. He was at the end of the season to seventh place overall. In the team standings, the team reached position two.


In the GP2 Asia Series 2011 season Addax went with Charles Pic and van der Garde at the start. Pic While in the two race weekends import any points and finished the season on Gesamgtrang 18, van der Garde get three points standings and thus was third in the driver standings. In the team standings Barwa Addax closed Appreciation from third position. In the GP2 Series 2011 season, the driver pairing remained the same. Pic won during the season twice and drove a total of five times on the podium. Also, van der Garde went five times on the podium, a victory was however denied. At the end of the season he was on Pic fourth place overall, van der Garde to five. In the team standings Addax secured the championship.

In addition, Addax participated in the Individual Event GP2 Final in 2011 with the drivers Jake Rosenzweig and Jolyon Palmer in part. Palmer finished fourth here, Rosenzweig 19


The Asia Series have been integrated into the main series for the 2012 season. The Addax team approached this season with a new driver pairing. Johnny Cecotto Jr. drove the entire season, while the second cockpit was occupied during the season with three drivers Josef Král, Dani Clos and Jake Rosenzweig. Overall, the team won in three races, but had to constantly go into the points problems. At the end of the season the team finished in eighth place overall.


2013 remained Rosenzweig at Addax. Second driver next to him was Rio Haryanto. In the first four races without points, the team remained. In the feature race in Spain Haryanto took ninth place for the first time in the points. In the following three races both drivers remained without points. Again it was Haryanto, who drove in the points at the main race at Silverstone with position seven. The resulting grid position he defended beyond the sprint race and drove the only one podium finish of the season. Up to the end of the season managed only to drive Haryanto once in the points. Rosenzweig finished the season with no points on the overall 28 Haryanto finished at the end of 19th place in the team standings reached Addax 12 and thus penultimate place.

2014, the team will no longer start in the GP2 series.


Results in the GP3 Series

Results in the GP2 Asia Series

Results in the GP2 Series