Adela of France, Countess of Flanders

Adela of France (called the Holy, * probably in 1009 or 1014; † January 8, 1079 at the Benedictine monastery at Ypres Messines ) was from the Capetian dynasty, who provided the kings of France in their time. She was from 1035 to 1067 as the wife of Baldwin V of Flanders Countess. She is named in the documents most frequently Adela, but also there are the names Adala, Addela, Addele, Adelaidis, Adele, Athela, Aelide and Alix.


Adela's father was the Capetian Robert II the Pious, King of France 996-1031, her brother was King Henry I (reigned 1031-1060 ). Like all surviving children Roberts went Adela from his third marriage out with Constance of Provence.

Engagement / marriage to Richard III. of Normandy

Adela was with Richard III. (C. 1001; † August 6, 1027 ), Duke of Normandy since August 23, 1026, engaged. Whether the marriage actually came into existence in January 1027, is controversial, as Richard III. died in the same year. You 1027 is referred to as the Countess of Contenance in Normandy, a possession that they have received the wedding of Richard in connection with the ( planned ) must, and included the pagi SAIRE, Hague and Bauptois in the extreme north of the Cotentin.

As the daughter of Richard III. and Adela is sometimes regarded Judith of Flanders, Duchess of Bavaria IV as wife of Welf; this view is disputed.

Marriage to Baldwin V of Flanders

After Richard's death married Adela 1028 in Paris, Count Baldwin V of Flanders ( called the Pious or Lille or insulanus; probably * 1013, † September 1, 1067 in Lille), the 1035-1067 and Count of Flanders from 1060 to 1067 Regent of France for his minor nephew Philip I was. Her father gave her as a dowry the rule of Corbie. From this marriage came three children:

  • Baldwin VI. (* Probably in 1030; † July 17, 1070 ), who succeeded his father in 1067 as Count of Flanders
  • Mathilde, ( probably 1032 *, † November 3, 1083 ), the Duke William II of Normandy married in 1053. This conquered England in 1066, became King William I of England and went so than William the Conqueror in history.
  • Robert Friese ( probably * 1035, † October 13, 1093 ), which was from 1062 to 1071, Count of Holland and Count of Flanders 1071

After the accession of Robert King Philip I pulled the rule Corbie again and gave it back to the Domaine royal.


Adela's influence is attributed to her brother, the French King Henry I., gave the guardianship of his seven year old son Philip I, shortly before his death, Baldwin, and the Count of Flanders was therefore of 1060 until shortly before his death in 1067 Regent of France.

Also Adela has attributed a large part of the church policy of Baldwin V., are probably numerous church foundations of the Count on it, so the establishment of the pins from Aire -sur -la -Lys ( 1049 ), Lille (1050 ) and Harelbeke (1064 ) as well as the abbeys of Messines near Ypres ( 1057 ) and Ename ( 1063 ).

As a widow, Adela Adela 1067 traveled to Rome, where she " received the widow's veil from the hands of Pope Alexander II; she spent the rest of her life in the convent Messine, where she died in 1079 and was buried ". It is not known when she was canonized; her feast day is September 8.