Adenylate kinase

The enzyme adenylate kinase ( AK1 ) (also myokinase ) catalyzes the following reactions in order to keep the balance between the phosphate acceptor ADP and the phosphate donor ATP upright:

  • 2 ADP → ATP AMP

Subsequently is released through the hydrolysis of ATP energy that can be used in the muscle or other tissues.

The reaction is also possible in the other direction, if ATP is present in excess, and ADP is necessary for energy storage:

  • ATP AMP → 2 ADP

In mammals, at least three isoforms of the enzyme have developed in man five alleles are known. The oldest form is also found in other organisms, with the exception of archaea. In humans it is located in all tissue types. A -induced mutation at the gene AK1 adenylate kinase - deficiency leads to a form of hemolytic anemia.