Adeva ( born 1960 in Paterson, New Jersey, civil Patricia A. Daniels) is an African American House and R & B singer. She had a number of successful hits in the late 1980s to the early 1990s, such as Warning, I Thank You and Respect.


Known for her powerful voice, she published in 1989 a version of the hits Respect by Otis Redding, which they reached number 17 in the UK. In the same year she brought her debut album Adeva! out. The album was released in the USA in 1990 by the label Capitol / EMI Records under license from Chrysalis Records in the UK, where they had originally signed. The album was a commercial success and was well also with critics on. It contained several hit singles like Beautiful Love and Musical Freedom. Respect remains to this day a favorite to Contemporary / Urban radio stations, especially in New York City. Your Folgehit of the album I Thank You also reached # 17

Coincidentally reached their first three singles 1989, all rank 17 in the UK Singles Chart. In addition, she made it, though she had no top - 10 single from to achieve with the debut album, the Top Ten, which is unusual for a dance artist.

Their second album, Love Or Lust? managed in 1991 neither the British nor the U.S. charts despite two hits, Independent Woman and It Should Have Been Me

Adeva worked with the House pioneer Frankie Knuckles together in 1995, with whom she released two top 40 singles and an album called Welcome to the Real World.

The a cappella version of the single In and Out of My Life 1988 was a famous House chorus. It has been sampled by numerous artists including Onephatdeeva and Eric Prydz, both of which used the song for their hit In and Out of My Life and In and Out. Adeva is still a much appreciated person in the New York Garage and UK Garage / House scene.

Currently Adeva lives in North Carolina, where she teaches in a middle school.



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