The Steyr ADGZ was an armored car development of the Austrian company Steyr from 1934. It should be used for the Austrian Armed Forces as well as the police. After the Anschluss, the vehicles were transferred to the Wehrmacht and the SS.


Development of this vehicle began in 1934 and ended a year later. A total of 27 vehicles were produced from 1935 to 1937. 12 ADGZ armored personnel were part of the army, all were in the rapids Division employed, while 14 vehicles were part of the police and gendarmerie. Presumably there was another vehicle but which can not be assigned to just one organization ( it was possibly still in production ).

After connecting almost all ADGZs were adopted by the Waffen-SS and used for police duties and anti-partisan operations. We ordered 1941 even further 25 vehicles which were then used in 1942 in the Balkans and the Soviet Union.

Three ADGZ the SS Home Guard Danzig knows labeled " Sudetenland ", " Ostmark " and " Saar ", participated in the storming of the Polish Post Office in Gdańsk in part on 1 September 1939. This was also described in "The Tin Drum" by Gunter Grass, the vehicles can be seen both in the former newsreels and in the film The Tin Drum.


Developed in Austria design of Radpanzern you can see on this vehicle. It had no real " tail ". Both ends could serve as a vehicle front.