Adhemar of Le Puy

Adhemar de Monteil (also known as Adémar, Aimar, or Aelarz ) ( † August 1st, 1098 at Antioch ) was bishop of Le Puy -en- Velay and elected spiritual leader of the First Crusade.

At the Council of Clermont in 1095 Adhemar showed great zeal for the crusade so that he was appointed by Pope Urban II with the Apostolic legate and appointed to head the crusade. While often quarreled Raymond IV of Toulouse and the other nobles to the leadership, Adhemar was in Urban's eyes, the actual head of the company, as he looked at it as a spiritual campaign.

Adhemar negotiated with Alexius I Comnenus in Constantinople Opel, presented at Nicaea discipline among the Crusaders restored, and was responsible in large part for the successful siege of Antioch. After the capture of the city in June 1098 and the subsequent siege by Kerbogha Adhemar organized a procession through the streets and the gates left block, so the Crusaders, who panicked, the city could not leave. He stood Peter Bartholomew 's discovery of the Holy Lance in the city extremely skeptical about, especially since he knew that such a relic has been venerated in Constantinople Opel. Nevertheless, he was willing to make you believe the army that it was genuine, especially since she lifted the morale of the soldiers.

As Kerbogha was beaten, Adhemar taught from a council to end the discussions in the guide, but died on August 1st, perhaps with typhus. The disputes between the high nobles went on and the march to Jerusalem was thus delayed by months.

For ordinary foot soldiers, however, Adhemar remained the leader, especially as some of them claimed to have seen his mind during the siege of Jerusalem ( 1099 ) and reported that he had instructed a move to carry out the walls. The move took place and Jerusalem were conquered by the Crusaders.

When Pope Urban had in 1098 experienced by Ademars death, he was appointed archbishop Dagobert of Pisa to his successor as Kreuzzugslegat, but this reached the Holy Land after the conquest of Jerusalem.


Adhemar de Monteil is one of the main characters in Giuseppe Verdi's opera Jérusalem, which was premiered in 1847 in Paris.