Adidas Azteca

Abbreviated to only Azteca - - Azteca México was the official name of the game ball of the soccer World Cup 1986 in Mexico.


Presented with the sports manufacturer adidas Azteca 's first fully synthetic playing ball in front, which was also the official match ball of the FIFA World Cup 1986 in Mexico. He was thus largely protected against moisture and reduced the weight change in the rain, making the playability could be kept constant.

The design of the ball comes from Rebecca Martinez, who was inspired in the architecture and wall painting from the art of the Aztecs. While the ball was produced in other colors such as yellow or orange, to respond to low light conditions, but only the ball was used during the World Cup with a black design.

Furthermore, two replicas of the ball were presented with the name Azteca Azteca Puebla and Acapulco.