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Adilcevaz (formerly Armenian Arcîgeh or Արծկե Artske ) is the capital of the district ( Ilce ) Adilcevaz in the Turkish province of Bitlis. The town with 13,945 inhabitants situated on the shores of Lake Van. The entire district has 31 746 inhabitants. Northeast of the city is located to the Suphan Dagi is the second highest mountain in the country.


The place is known for its walnuts. In Adilcevaz every year the Walnut Festival takes place. Walnut on Turkish / Arabic is Ceviz, has found the entrance to the name. So called the Muslim Arabs the area from the 9th century in Zatülcevaz (Valley of walnuts). Other names of the city are Elciğaz and Elceviz. The previous Armenian name was Arcîgeh. The shape Adilcevaz was probably used since the Qara Qoyunlus.


Adilcevaz was part of the Urartian kingdom. Kef Kalesi, a company incorporated under Rusa II Urartian citadel still stands as a ruin. From the 16th century until 1914 dominated the city the Ottomans. During the First World War, the Russians conquered the city.

After 1918 Adilcevaz was Turkish again. Until the genocide of the Armenians here was the monastery of the miracle, which dates from the 8th century, operated. Since 1953 Adilcevaz is an independent county.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Nevzat KARAKIS, protest musician
  • Filiz Yerlikaya, fighter of the Kurdistan Workers' Party