ADK (automobile)

The Société Anonyme Automobiles De Kuyper was a Belgian manufacturer of automobiles from Ixelles. The brand name was ADK.

Company History

Robert De Kuyper founded the company in 1922 and 1931 ended production.

Rolling stock

1922 appeared the first model, the 10 CV Type Y- 22 with a four-cylinder engine of SCAP was equipped with 1693 cc capacity. 1925 appeared the models 11 CV Type WB -16 with an engine of SCAP with 1616 cc, 10/14 CV with 1847 cc displacement and Y -20 1791 cm ³ displacement. In 1927, a small six-cylinder model with an engine of 1683 cc capacity with CIME it. Appeared in 1928 an eight-cylinder model with an engine of 2344 cc capacity with SCAP. In 1930 published a four-cylinder model with 1710 cc capacity and a six-cylinder model with 2443 cc capacity.