Adlikon bei Andelfingen

Adlikon ( in local dialect: [ ɑdlikχə ] ) is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

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The municipality is located in Adlikon Zürcher Weinland and also includes the hamlet Niederwil south of the main village and Dätwil on the south bank of the Thur. Adlikon is some 25 km from Zurich and is located on a small ridge near the motorway A4.

A quarter of the municipal area is covered by forest, two-thirds are used for agriculture and almost a tenth is used by housing and transport.


The population has increased since 1990 by influx by about 12%.


The SVP has 60% share of the vote by far the strongest party in Adlikon. The mayor is Gody Sigg (April 2010 ).


The largest industry is agriculture, with around 30 companies.


The settlement of the township in the Roman period is occupied by farms in Niederwil and Dätwil.

The village was probably first mentioned in 1040: in villa Adalinchova hoba; However, the distinction to Adlikon in rain village causes problems in the early documents. The place name is a composition of a to the Zugehörigkeitssuffix - ing- extended Old High German personal name with the basic words and hof means about in the courtyards of the clan of Adalo / Adilo '.

Since 1817 Adlikon is an independent municipality, 1872 Humlikon was separated. A certain level of economic development was carried out from 1958.