Adnan Hajj photographs controversy

Adnan Hajj is a Lebanese freelance photographer who had worked more than ten years for the news agency Reuters and had manipulated images in the Lebanon war of 2006 on the application of Israeli forces.

Adnan Hajj snapped a picture of the consequences of an attack by the Israeli Air Force on Hezbollah targets in Beirut, on a single, thin column of smoke was seen above the city silhouette and then added with an image editing program thick clouds of smoke later in the image. After the manipulation, it has been demonstrated, announced him on August 8, 2006 Reuters cooperation and pulled all 920 photos that Hajj had made during the war, back. Among them were the pictures that he had taken the place of the air attack on Qana. Investigations of other of his pictures showed that manipulations have been made to at least one other image. A photo August 2, 2006 shows an Israeli plane over a village in southern Lebanon. In this picture decoys were added later.