Adobe Atmosphere

Adobe Atmosphere, a product of the software manufacturer Adobe Systems Inc., is an authoring environment for creating interactive 3D scenes, embedded in Web pages or PDF documents.

Atmosphere scenes can combine 3D objects, audio, video and Flash objects in a three dimensional space that can be explored by multiple users simultaneously. The users represented as avatars, can communicate with each other and interact. The integrated Havok physics engine allows for realistic simulations of physical laws (eg, gravity, centrifugal force, etc.).

Adobe Atmosphere consists of three components:

  • The free atmosphere Player serves as a plug- in in the Windows Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader to commit and explore interactive 3D scenes.
  • Through atmosphere authoring environment 3D scenes can be created and published.
  • The public Atmosphere Collaboration Server enables communication and synchronization of the scenes and users.

Since 19 December 2004, the product is no longer being developed or sold.