Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks [ ə ˌ doʊbi faɪəwɝks ː ] is a graphics program that can work with raster graphics and vector graphics and create. It is developed by Adobe (formerly Macromedia). This program files can be imported from all major graphic formats, edit vector and bitmap -based images and interactive graphics are created. Fireworks graphics can be exported to Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash as well as in third-party applications.

Mainly Fireworks is used in web design for creating web graphics and websites, where the HTML code is generated automatically. The program is available for Mac OS X and Windows systems.

During the MAX 2013 conference by Adobe in addition to the Creative Suite ( CS) and the development of Fireworks was set. There are supplied bug fixes and security updates yet. The application is therefore next to Encore the only component of Creative Suite, which is converted from CS not to Creative Cloud (CC).

Combination of vector graphics and bitmaps

The focus of Fireworks is the combined processing of pixel and vector graphics. It thus closes the gap between Photoshop (primarily for pixel graphics ) and illustrator (primarily for vector graphics).

Fireworks, a defined by vectors form a so-called live filters provided (display effects that are created dynamically, without changing the original graphic), a bitmap to superimpose and integrate this as a mask to another object. It all remains at any point reversible editable, including all filter settings.


Fireworks offers the processing at several levels and the use of filters on the layer objects. It can be arranged on multiple frames and on several levels a variety of objects ( or bitmap vectors).


About the Pages palette, it is possible to create multiple pages with a Web site, shape and link. About the master page it is possible to perform layout changes on all sides.


About the Styles palette you have the opportunity to access a number of predefined styles and also to create your own. These styles can be applied similarly as in Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS) to modify all pages on all sides.

General library

The Universal Library provides access to typical layout elements that are needed again in the screen design, such as scrollbars, form fields, buttons (on Windows and Mac look).

HTML export

There is the possibility to define and automatically export the corresponding HTML code and graphics, the cut slices and rollovers for creating HTML pages.

Rapid Prototyping

Fireworks has been providing ( CS4 ) the possibility in addition to the HTML and CSS export to generate interactive PDFs to create Flash slideshows and Adobe AIR prototypes.

File Format

Adobe Fireworks defaults to the PNG format. For this purpose, a number of additional information, such as planes, color values ​​for gradients, etc., in the so-called optional data blocks ( " chunks " ) are stored. This increases the file size increases considerably. This information will be lost if the file is edited using another graphics editing program.

Revision history

  • 2000: Macromedia Fireworks 3
  • 2001: Macromedia Fireworks 4
  • 2002: Macromedia Fireworks 6 aka Macromedia Fireworks MX
  • 2004: Macromedia Fireworks 7 a.k.a. Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004
  • 2005: Macromedia Fireworks 8
  • 2007: Adobe Fireworks 9 a.k.a Adobe Fireworks CS3
  • 2008 Adobe Fireworks 10.0 aka Adobe Fireworks CS4
  • 2010 Adobe Fireworks CS5
  • 2012 Adobe Fireworks CS6

Export file formats

Fireworks following file formats can be exported:

  • . PNG
  • . JPG
  • . gif
  • . TIFF
  • . BMP
  • . SWF
  • . LBI (Dreamweaver )
  • . HTML
  • . CSS
  • Lotus Domino
  • . AI Adobe Illustrator
  • . PSD Adobe Photoshop
  • . PDF
  • Interactive PDF
  • . FXG (Flash Graphic Exchange ) XML -based exchange format for Flash, Flash Catalyst, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks

Selected Literature

  • Susanne Rupp: Workshop Fireworks CS3: design websites professionally. dpunkt.verlag GmbH, Heidelberg, ISBN 3,898,644,758th