Adobe FreeHand

Freehand from Adobe is a vector-based graphic design and drawing, which is mainly used by graphic artists, illustrators, clean signatories, cartographers, designers and artists.


Freehand was developed in 1988 by Altsys. It was licensed and distributed to 1994 by Aldus. After the 1994 merger of Aldus made ​​with Adobe all rights went back to Altsys. Shortly thereafter, Freehand was sold to Macromedia. There, the software remained until its merger in 2005 with Adobe.

Some features of FreeHand as the Perspective tool have now been adopted in the earlier competition program Adobe Illustrator. FreeHand can produce many file formats using the Export function. For secure PDF creation, the Adobe Acrobat products serve.

FreeHand is Flash used because of its high compatibility with the program also developed by Macromedia in the Internet sector.

In 2005, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems. In the March 27, 2007 presented updates of almost all products from Adobe FreeHand is not there. According to Adobe FreeHand is still supported but no longer developed. Adobe offers a " crossgrade " from FreeHand to Adobe Illustrator CS3 program. Illustrator stood before the takeover Macromedia by Adobe in direct competition with FreeHand.

Adobe Systems has announced on 16 May 2007 in an Adobe blog that " FreeHand MX " will continue to be offered. Adobe Systems will but bring more to the market a new version of FreeHand and would like to move by special upgrade offers old Freehand users for switching to Illustrator. Between the versions CS2 and CS5.1 Illustrator it was also possible to convert files from FreeHand to Illustrator. With version CS6, this possibility was no longer offered. Since then, Illustrator no Konvertierfunktionen files from FreeHand more.

Free FreeHand

2009 founded three professional illustrators in the U.S., the organization Free FreeHand. The organization has set itself the task, Freehand ransom through a donation, since FreeHand is not further developed and the future of FreeHand is very uncertain. The parties also filed a lawsuit in the U.S. against Adobe. Your allegation is here, Adobe has its strong market power through its product policy abused ( Planned Obsolescence ).

File Formats

  • FH11: Freehand MX ( Macromedia)
  • FH10: Freehand 10 ( Macromedia)
  • FH9: Freehand 9 ( Macromedia)
  • FH8: Freehand 8 ( Macromedia)
  • FH7 Freehand 7 ( Macromedia)
  • FH5 Freehand 5 ( Macromedia)
  • FH4: FreeHand 4 ( Aldus )
  • FH3: Freehand 3 ( Aldus )
  • FH2: Freehand 2 ( Aldus )
  • FH1: 1 Freehand ( Aldus )