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Adobe Systems Incorporated [ ədoʊbi sɪstəmz ː ] is a US-based software company, registered in the state of Delaware. It was founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, founded the inventors of the page description language PostScript. The name Adobe (Spanish and English. " Adobe " ) is derived from a river called Adobe Creek that ran behind Warnock's home in Los Altos, California.

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John Warnock was inquiring executive at Xerox PARC invented and where the page description language Inter Press. Since Xerox was not willing to market them, was later founded Adobe and marketed Inter Press with minor modifications under the name PostScript. PostScript allows to describe accurately and reproducibly with a relatively small amount of data documents for prepress. The files are in contrast to languages ​​printer hardware independent, can be incorporated into other documents (EPS ), but are only partially workable as the last stage of the production chain.

Since its inception, Adobe focused primarily on programs around the prepress. PostScript and PDF are soon to industry standards, because Adobe has it been submitted for standardization at ISO. In recent years, document management and form solutions play around PDF for governments an increasingly important role and make a rapidly growing share of Adobe's revenue.

To expand the business units will start Adobe taking over the internet analysis specialists Omniture for 1.8 billion U.S. dollars and has submitted a public bid. In 2009, approximately 8,660 employees and Adobe had annual sales of about 2.9 billion U.S. dollars.


Other products since 3 December 2005 include the whole range of programs of the company Macromedia ( Flash, Shockwave, Dreamweaver, Director). Adobe bought on 18 April 2005, the company Macromedia for $ 3.4 billion.

Following the acquisition of Aldus PageMaker by Adobe PageMaker was replaced by Adobe InDesign after some time. In order to offer programs in the private sector, Adobe created for some time by many programs scaled-down versions that carry the name of the additional element.

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The software company Adobe Systems Incorporated has been criticized because it, especially after the acquisition of Macromedia, in many areas has a monopoly, such as in image processing by Photoshop or Illustration using Illustrator or acquired FreeHand, the popular version MX is still available but no longer being developed.

Another point of criticism is the pricing for the European market. For example, the price for the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Design Premium in Europe was around 65 percent higher than in the U.S.. In response to the petition Fair pricing for European Software was launched in 2007, which generated more than 10,000 signatures.

In the industry, a lot of speculation about market shares of the product InDesign over QuarkXPress exist. By combining with the Adobe Creative Suite, sales figures have been increased. With the release of version CS3 and the increase in prices by 20 percent compared to the previous version CS2 arises especially in Europe, more and more the impression that Adobe uses its market power.

In January 2013, Adobe has been heavily criticized after it had Creative Suite 2 initially offered for free download. According to a statement from the company but it was merely a version that was intended as a replacement for a failed product activation. In the public interest in a free - albeit outdated - version of the Adobe CS did not respond.

Data theft

Unknown gunmen have 2013 According to the source code for Adobe Acrobat, Adobe ColdFusion, possibly other programs and credit card information stolen a message from Adobe on October 3, 2.9 million customers.