Adolf Bieringer

Adolf beer Inger ( born August 29, 1928 in Mörsch, † February 12, 1988 in Bruchsal ) was a German lawyer and politician of the CDU.

Life and career

After graduating from the secondary school beer Inger began studying the law in Heidelberg, which in 1956 he awarded the degree of Dr. jur. and 1957 ended with the Second State Examination. He then joined as an assessor in the administrative service of the State of Baden- Wuerttemberg. In 1961 he was appointed Executive Council.


Beer Inger joined the CDU and was elected to the State Executive Committee of the CDU Baden North.

Member of Parliament

Beer was Inger since 1956 Board member of the city of Bruchsal. He was elected to the council of the district of Bruchsal in 1959 and was after the 1973 local government reform council member of the circle of Karlsruhe. At the general election in 1961 he was a direct mandate in the constituency Bruchsal - elected Karlsruhe- Land II in the German Bundestag, where he remained until 1965.

Public offices

Beer Inger officiated from 1964 to 1985 as mayor of the city of Bruchsal. From 1986 until his death he was President of the Government of the district of Karlsruhe.